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April 14, 2009

Welcome to The Family Lawyer’s blog.

This is a site for commentary, advice and guidance on family law in New Zealand, aimed mainly at those people who are considering using a family lawyer for the first time, or already have one but want more information about how they can get the most out of their family lawyer. There will also be blogs on topical issues and that help you understand a bit more about your rights and responsibilities in New Zealand family law.

Look forward to the first “proper” blog coming soon!

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  1. Sarah permalink

    What do I do when a lawyer is appointed by the court to act for my/our child but is not listening to them and proposing future arrangements that upset them. What do I do when they ask if they can change their lawyer for the child? I agree that she isn’t listening and that now our child does not trust their LFC.
    Regardless of how I feel victimized by the LFC, our child is wondering “why did I even bother telling him/her what I wanted if he/she is going to ignore it and do the opposite?”
    Having researched the LFC her conduct is not what I would expect from my own lawyer and would change them if I necessary at the first instance.
    Your help/ advice would be great.

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