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June 22, 2011

My apologies – it has been far too long since I last blogged. My lack of blogging hasn’t been due to a lack of willingness (every week I think of things to blog about) but more due to a lack of time. Juggling a busy legal practice with an 18 month old, two teenagers and trying to have a life is no easy feat! 

Part of the reason for my extraordinary busy-ness has been due to some big changes at Family Law Results. We have recently opened an office in the Central City and we are about to relocate our existing Papakura office (which means packing and unpacking – a job no one enjoys!!). I have also been very busy working with clients to sort out their matters and my team have been working hard to achieve some great results recently. 

Although I have been a little slack on the blogging front, I do keep up with our Facebook page regularly so take a look at that. You can find us on Facebook at the following link – see you there!

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  1. We can totally understand your issues but the great thing is that you are finally back now. I always enjoyed reading your blogs and missed the posts a lot. Good to have you again. Looking forward to more interesting entries from you!

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