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When you (and your kids) are all tied up in post-separation conflict…

August 1, 2011

Do you remember the 1980’s sitcom, “Family Ties”? You know -the one where Michael J Fox got his big break playing a preppy, yuppie-to-be, Alex Keating?

Well, the actress who played the mother in “Family Ties”, Meredith Baxter, has written a very honest blog on Huffington Post about her own post-separation behaviour and the unexpected changes that came about when she made a concerted effort to change her behaviour towards her ex-husband.

Baxter’s piece provides some salient lessons about how a parent’s post-separation behaviour can impact upon a child, even when that child is an adult. Family lawyers often talk with clients about the importance of separating parents being able to conduct themselves in such a way that they can both share their children’s significant life events as they grow into adults.  When you share children together, family ties can’t be completely cut upon separation. While the marital relationship between a couple has ended, their parenting relationship continues. As Baxter points out about her daughter and her ex-husband, “I had divorced him but she hadn’t”.

I urge every separating parent to take a few moments to read Baxter’s piece:]. Baxter’s story shows things are never too far gone to effect positive change.

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